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Tutorial - Start and Finish a Stringing Project by Crimping

Use this method below for best results at both the beginning and end of stringing.

Pic 1. Thread on a crimp bead so it is sitting about 1-2cm from one end of wire if starting a project or so that it sits against the final strung bead if you are at the end of the stringing process. Turn the short end of the wire back on itself and thread through the crimp bead. 

Pic 2&3. Using the crescent shaped hole in your crimping pliers, squash the crimp bead so it traps both pieces of wire. 

Pic 4&5.  Now place the crimp bead in the round hole in your crimping pliers and squash so the crimp folds in on itself and holds the two pieces of wire even tighter.  You can now trim any excess wire.