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Tutorial - How to Make a Pearl Beaded Bow

This is such an easy make! 

1. Start with a 20cm piece of 28 gauge soft wire, some 3mm freshwater pearls and one half drilled/flat back bead.

2. With round nose pliers, make a tiny wire wrapped loop at one end of the wire and thread on 27 pearls. Push the pearls up tight to the wrapped loop and then bend the wire round on itself to form the first loop of the bow between the 9th and 10th pearls. 

3. Thread on 17 more pearls.

4. Make sure the pearls are pushed up tight and then bend the wire round on itself again to meet in the middle, thus forming the second loop of the bow.

5. Thread on 9 more pearls and push them up tight against one another and make a tiny wire wrapped loop to secure.

6. Using a strong glue such as Beadfix gel or similar superglue, fix a 4mm half drilled pearl in the centre of the bow to finish.

You can use jump rings to attach to chain to create a sweet necklace!

Change the look by experimenting with different beads.