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Tutorial - How to make a Charm Necklace on Leather

You can create a charm necklace on leather in 5 minutes!

This charm necklace is so summery and very easy to make - it doesn't have a clasp, as it fastens by means of a pair of sliding knots.  You can copy this design using the same beads (we have all the items you need for this project in stock, just click on the links and they will take you straight to the products).  Or you can vary the look of your necklace by changing the beads.  Try freshwater pearls, mixed gemstones, coral, lampwork and change the leather for cord, organza - the list is as big as your imagination! Remember, you can put as many or as few charms on each knot as you like, your necklace can be as long or short as you want and you can have as many knots on the necklace as you desire!

1.  Layout all your components and decide on the look of your necklace.  We have used approx. 28 inches (72cm) of 1.5mm leather but this will vary with the size of your head! Remember, you need to be able to slip the finished piece off and on as there is no clasp in this design.  We would recommend using a bit more leather than you need on your first attempt as the knots will take up some of the length, and then trim at the end when you are certain it fits.  We've also used 1 x 18mm Turquoise heart, 2 x 10mm gemstone crystal hearts, 2 x 8mm round Turquoise beads, 2 x 4mm white freshwater pearls, 7 x head pins, 7 x 6mm jump rings, and 7 x 2mm seed beads - we've used turquoise silver lined ones.

2. Next find the mid point of your leather and tie a knot but don't pull it too tight as you are going to put a jump ring through it later on.  Repeat with as many knots as you require - work away from the central knot and try to keep the gaps even. 

3. Place a seed bead on a headpin and then thread on the feature bead.  Repeat for all your charms.

4. Using round nose pliers and cutters make a closed loop in each headpin.  If you have enough metal left over when you cut the headpin, you can create little eyepins using your round nose pliers and use them on other projects - waste not, want not!!

5. Thread the loop of the headpin onto an opened jump ring (you can have as many charms on one jumpring as you wish - we have 1 charm on the central station, 1 charm on the next station and 2 charms on the next).  Thread the jump ring through one of your knots in the leather and then close the jump ring so your charms are secure.  Repeat until all charms are in place.  Now you can pull your knots a little tighter so they don't move.

6.  To make a sliding knot, take one end of the leather and loop over the other side of the leather as shown in diagram 6.

7. Pull this knot tight. It should slide up and down when pulled.

8. Repeat on the other side.  You now have 2 sliding knots, which can be pulled away from each other when you want to shorten the necklace and pushed towards each other when you want to lengthen it.

9.  Your necklace is complete!






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