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Silver Jewellery Care

Looking after your silver jewellery

Silver should improve with age and wear.  Patina is the character of the silver, the patterns it gains through wear and can enhance the look of the piece. Tarnish is the dirt and dust picked up from everyday use. It is this dirt that can eventually devalue and permanently damage your jewellery.

As a piece begins to tarnish is takes on a slightly yellow colour compared to clean silver. This can soon turn black if not cleaned straight away. You should avoid using silver dips or any products that are not recommended by a silver manufacturer.

How to clean silver jewellery

Start by rinsing the piece in warm water and a mild soap to remove surface dust.  Then, using a silver cloth, gently rub the tarnished areas.  (A silver cloth is a low cost, worthwhile investment and can be bought in jewellery shops and department stores to name a few.) 

Next, rinse with warm water and dry with a clean soft cloth.

If your piece of jewellery has semi precious stones set into it, use warm soapy water and a soft toothbrush to remove any dirt collected, dry with a soft cloth and polish with a Silver Cloth to bring back the shine.

How to store jewellery

By storing each piece properly you will decrease the risk of scratching, tarnishing and tangling.

You can wrap each piece in acid-free tissue and then keep it tightly closed in a sealable plastic bag or cloth bag (eg velvet) to help prevent tarnish and scratching.

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