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You don’t need fancy tools to make beautiful jewellery!

knotted stones 8

I was in a vintage shop in my hometown of Matlock yesterday and I picked up a bundle of old silk threads for £4 with a view to using them to knot some nice gemstones I’ve got stashed away!  I chose to knot some frosted agate first and decided on ‘old school’ as the method I would use (a small length of 0.4mm copper wire, which I sell in my store, folded double to create a simple needle and some needle nose pliers).

knotted stones 6

The following set of pics show how easy it is to form a tight knot using the pointy ended pliers.

knotted stones 1knotted stones 2knotted stones 3knotted stones 4knotted stones 5

And the result:-

knotted stones 7

Enjoy x