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Since the bridal season is upon us I thought I would update my tutorial on how to make earrings and pendants out of half-drilled pearls and beads. It’s so easy to produce beautiful pieces using this simple technique and well worth getting to grip with.

1. You will need a pair of half-drilled beads such as pearls or gemstones, a pair of earring studs for half-drilled beads, and some suitable adhesive. We love the Beadfix Gel as it is exceptionally strong,very quick drying and the 3g tube goes a very, very long way.  It is a sticky gel, so you will need only a tiny dab, otherwise you may end up glueing your fingers to the bead – as we said, it is exceptionally strong! You can also use this same technique for glueing bead caps and pendant settings into top drilled beads.

2. Stick 2 small pieces of double sided sticky tape to a clean work surface (or you can use two small pieces of rolled up sticky tape). Place the half drilled beads upside down, one on each bit of tape, with holes uppermost in a suitable position ready for glueing.  They will need to stay in that position until they are dry, so we recommend that you place them somewhere they can be left alone for 24 hours. Check that the studs embed correctly into the holes and if the pegs are too long, trim them slightly with cutters until they fit perfectly.

3. Next place a dab of Beadfix Gel on one peg.  Don’t be tempted to add too much glue, as when the bead is lowered in the next step, some glue will be displaced.

4. Lower your gluey peg gently into the hole in the bead.  We recommend you have a little piece of kitchen roll to hand to carefully wipe away any excess glue that may squeeze out when the peg is lowered into place (however this should not be necessary if you put the right amount of glue on the peg in the first place – practice makes perfect!) Repeat for second stud.

5. When your beads are stuck fast to your pegs, you now have a beautiful pair of earrings to wear on any occasion!!