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Beaded Jewellery Care

Tips on caring for your beaded jewellery

Everyday wear

Try not to get your beaded jewellery wet. Don't swim, bathe or wash up while wearing beaded jewellery.  Water will always weaken the material your beads hang from, no matter what it is and this will eventually lead to deterioration. 

Chemicals in make-up, creams, perfumes and hair products can harm your jewellery.  Pearls especially are easily scratched and chipped and their wonderful lustre can be spoilt by being in contact with beauty products if they not cleaned and stored properly. Examine the piece carefully after each wear, looking for signs of fraying or stretching.  Consider restringing the piece (or getting someone else to do it for you) when you see signs of wear and tear.

How to clean beaded jewellery

Clean glass and crystal pieces by spraying a small amount of window cleaner onto a clean, lint free cloth and gently wiping the beads.  Be sure not to get the stringing material wet.

For gemstones and other beads, wipe with a soft clean cloth after each wear to help prevent build up of creams, makeup and dust.

How to store beaded jewellery

Fasten clasp to prevent the piece becoming tangled. Wrap each piece individually in acid free tissue and then in a sealable plastic bag, cloth pouch or box.  Store flat so that the stringing material doesn't stretch or become misshapen. 

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